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Canvas Wall Art and Personalized Prints with Free Shipping

Our shop offers a great variety of canvas wall art for creating a modern, dynamic and lively interior. If you are bored with standard wallpaper or bare walls, if you seek variety, if you get tired of the familiar interior, these products are designed for you.

Canvases for different interiors

Canvas arts are used in interiors of various rooms: in the bedroom for decorating headboards; in the living room for creating modern installations; in the staircase for decorating staircase walls; in the corridor for giving the walls a decorative twist.

The variety of types of decor is another advantage of our canvas paintings. We offer standard options for decorating the room, but if you want to create an exclusive project, it is enough to study the entire range of products, picking up the picture that you like. You can also get a unique decorative element that suits your home well with a customization option.

Unique genres

Canvas paintings in such genres as abstraction, minimalism, vintage and photography are in great demand.

For example paintings in the abstraction genre are not only a great decoration for your home but also an opportunity to find a hidden meaning that only you can see. Every creation in this genre is unique.

Or you can choose a vintage style and create a unique, charming interior for any room: retro pictures of cars, world maps, retro advertising, etc. Choose a wall hanging that enchants and transforms your dwelling.

Variety of categories

TexelPrintArt offers you a great variety of categories, for example pictures which will be greatly appreciated by fans of action sports or cars, movies or traveling. You will find here impeccable beauty of retro cars, amazing old racing cars and modern sports cars. Car enthusiasts are sure to love the pictures from our collection, and perhaps you will choose them as a great gift for a person who is passionate about cars or can't imagine his life without them.

Check a great number of wall artwork and pick the one that will make your home a lovely space.