Geometric World Map Wall Arts

Geometric World Map Wall Arts

28 canvas prints
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Relive the atmosphere at your apartment by displaying a modern decoration — stylish, minimalist, suiting most interiors. The selection offers interesting decorative solutions for homeowners looking for a fresh accent. It consists of unique prints that are ready to transform a room. Get a bright complement to a living or working space. Canvases represented in collection are universal and suit different interiors and styles. Amazing diversity of artworks, varying in types, sizes, color palettes, shapes, is handy in the home-styling process. Create a vibrant ambiance in dwelling by displaying a simple but elegant artwork. Discover cool designs, perfect for instant home renovation. Order an extraordinary addition that boosts mood, evokes positive emotions and make you smile.

Geometric Map Canvas Prints

Fill your place with laughter and joy — hang a beautiful depiction of the world on canvas. Creative accent piece, it serves as a reminder of adventures, world’s beauty, uniqueness of experienced journeys. Breathtaking pictures are great motivational tools — looking at canvases you want to grab a bag and go explore new countries. We offer different types of product: one-piece or split canvas set. The first looks awesome in minimalist abodes, traditional houses or urban interiors. The latter, stretching on two, three, four or five panels, is an amazing complement to a contemporary, ultra-modern apartment. Framed and unframed variants are available for sale as well. Choose the best-matching artwork and buy a lucky piece online. Abstract theme is trendy. It is an important element of Scandinavian or minimalist styles. It is an adorable decor to display in a sitting room, lounge, guest room or bedroom. Fantastic solution for office — set an appropriate mood at workplace. Map is suitable to entryway, hallway. Make it a centerpiece and surround by favorite depictions.

Quality Piece

Taking care of quality, we use premium 100% cotton canvas and reliable base. Inks will impress by brightness, vividness. Protective varnish is applied to keep colors safe. Item is durable, colors do not fade with time. Gallery wrap method of stretching makes it luxurious, neat. It arrives ready-to-hang — start installing it right away.

Creative Mode

TexelPrintArt proposes unique option: get a geometric wall map personalized in not time. Customization allows you to adapt artwork’s palette according to your interior. You can add meaningful phrases, dates, names to make it memorable. Superb gift for special occasions, holidays or just-because. Personalized decoration expresses your feelings, shows love and appreciation.