5 Panel Wall Arts

5 Panel Wall Arts

1050 canvas prints
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Forget about a dull interior: with cool artworks produced by TexelPrintArt you’ll love your home. Interesting decorative solutions are represented in the selection that helps to create an adorable atmosphere at your apartment. Different themes, styles, motifs, themes are ready to take your place on the next level. United by similar format, canvases offer you an image on split panels. Stretching on five pieces, pictures appear to be lively, vibrant, and realistic. Highly-detailed prints will set the right tone at your house, make it look posh and extraordinary. Be the master of a home-transformation process by displaying favorite decorations.

5 Piece Split Canvas

The collection will show you amazing canvases, superb designs and greatness of artistic thought. Order a print that inspires to visit new places, motivates to start working out, or helps to relax after a long working day. Buy a world map designed in a watercolor style: explore the world of possibilities. Hang a majestic cityscape featuring sunset in a big urban area, offering the best views from rooftops of highest skyscrapers. Abstract skylines create a contemporary ambiance, giving a perfect accent. Landscapes fill your dwelling with the harmony of foggy forest, snowy mountain peaks or peaceful countrysides. Enjoy the tranquility set by artworks that show grazing animals on fields. Cool street art, graffiti, and minimalist prints add a character to the abode. You can decorate a sitting room, create a vibrant ambiance in an office or bedroom. Oversized artworks look gorgeous in any room. Use a color palette that correlates with the colors of your interior to make it a perfect match.

Greatest Quality

Enjoy museum-quality art: made of 100% cotton canvas, decor impresses by smooth texture. Thanks to quality inks, colors are vivid. We apply a special protective varnish to ensure the long-lasting properties of canvas. Colors will remain fresh for a long time. Stretcher-bar is a base for canvas, it is durable and has thick sides. Gallery wrap technique of stretching gives a wall art pleasing neat look. Handy format allows you to hang an item after unpacking.

Unique Design

Make your artwork a one-of-a-kind piece — customize it for free. Option allows adding quotations, change colors to match your abode. Create a stunning ambiance of your apartment. Personalized decor is a superb gift for close people: impress your dearest and nearest.