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Get your apartment refreshed by hanging a marvelous decoration featuring a meteorological phenomenon — rainbow. Lively artwork will brighten up your place bringing a range of colors. Enjoy the wonderful view of a multi-color circular arc just sitting in a lounge. The collection will surprise you by a stunning variety of perspectives, styles, product types and colors. Art is a creative idea to style a home according to your preferences. Buy a nice decoration to turn a flat into a harmonic apartment filled with light, evoking positive emotions.

Rainbow Wall Decor: Flow of Tints

Rainbow is associated with hopes, better things that came after hardships. A canvas having a powerful meaning may motivate and inspire, so hanging a print showcasing a landscape is a great decision. The selection represents different artistic manners, realistic artworks varying in palette and forms. Majestic addition to any interior — traditional, urban, contemporary. Thanks to the museum-quality of product, it works well as a present for a special occasion. Living or working space may be revived if a splendid scenery featuring almost magical place is hung. Perfect for offices, as colors help you to concentrate during work and relax at coffee breaks. One-panel is a fantastic solution for tiny apartments. You can choose a small or large in size. The first will create an interesting complement to existing decorations, the latter creates a wow-effect and is a cool stylish accent. Compose a gallery wall to impress the guests. Split-panel rainbow canvas art is a superb choice if you want to diversify an abode with a focal point or add some brightness. Bold hues let the picture flourish on a wall. Decorative unit makes adds its charm and pleasant vibes. Display it in a hallway or entryway, dining area or kitchen, bedroom or along stairs. Non-standard panels are available. Framed variant is an ideal combination of style, modern means of artistic expression and connection to traditional styling. Several frame colors will let you shape the dwelling's look.

Materials and Details

It’s vital to mind the materials of items. Rainbow art print is handmade, professionally done and packed well for transportation. Cotton canvas pleases with its fine texture, inks strikes with vibrancy, wooden base ensures in the durability of art. Gallery wrap stretching makes a print look neat, expensive, luxurious. It arrives ready-to-hang, allowing to start the transformation process.

Unique Taste

Use customization option to get a one-of-a-kind art designed according to your taste and wishes. Add inscriptions, wishes, dates to make it a memorable present or best-matching decoration. Be creative to succeed.