5 Best World Map Gift Ideas That Are Less Than $60

5 Best World Map Gift Ideas That Are Less Than $60
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Always Think Ahead

Giving presents should be fun and pleasing. But it becomes a stressful process if you have no idea what to give. The key is to know or notice the passions and liking of your dearest and nearest. Most people love traveling, you can stick to the travel theme that is the best choice to stop at.

Even if you're low on budget, your present can be creative and unique, customizable and one-of-a-kind. From small canvas maps to clothes and jewelry - you’ll find ideas for family, friends and kids.

We’ve made this article to ease your life and to set a gift-giving mood. Check these ideas and make a list for the future, or save this article so you do not lose it.

Wall Hangings

Wall decoration may be a meaningful and fresh addition to the home interior. It creates a wanderlust atmosphere and inspires us to continue exploring the world. Although there are a number of different styles and materials.

Most popular are:

  • canvas maps;
  • wooden maps;
  • burlap maps;
  • metal map silhouettes;
  • scratch-off.

Canvas world maps come in a variety of styles. Usually, the smaller the artwork is, the cheaper it is. By buying a map sized 40x23 cm, for example, you get creative artwork and interesting vivid design that will not lose color with time.

Wooden maps go with pins or without them. Such a gift would be a perfect decision if you plan to give it to your colleague, boss, or family member. It is a creative thing to have in an office, study, living room, or entryway.

Burlap maps are nice to give family members like mom, sister, or granny. Usually, they are designed in a rustic style, so it would create a welcoming atmosphere at the dwelling. This is what most women like to have. Besides, such maps are small and one can put them on a table or shelf.

Metal map silhouettes are a great gift for both men and women who like minimalist decor and simple decorative solutions. It would be a starting point, a canvas to start creating an adventure-inspired interior.

Scratch-off map is a superb choice for adults and kids. It would be an interactive thing that always reminds of you.

Abstract World Map With Oceans Canvas Wall Art
Abstract World Map With Oceans
Wall art canvas print

Desk Decor

For those who work in an office or study and spend a great part of a day sitting by laptop, desk decor is the best option to consider. Hexagonal world map globe can be an amusing thing during breaks and educational references as well.

Other decorations may be cups showing world map in geometric style, coasters for cups that have classic map prints.

World Map with Cities Canvas Wall Art
World Map with Cities
Wall art canvas print

Other Decor for Home

Giving a wanderlust touch to the interior is a good idea for making it welcoming, and warming. Giving your friends or family members something like pillow covers, unusual decor with map prints, clocks or even Christmas tree baubles with ornaments can be the right choice.

Things of Personal Use

Wallets and leather journals or diaries may be a nice idea for both men and women, though the design should be taken into account. The same goes to passport covers, phone cases. These gifts may spark a desire to go traveling. Besides, most presents can be personalized so gift-making is even easier.

If a person is a jewelry fan, you can present jewelry of different kinds: rings, pendants, bracelets or earrings.

Gifts for Family Members

Puzzles depicting the world's lands and oceans would be a superb gift for a family with a kid that starts studying geography. Children's world map may be used for the same educational purposes. Cotton push pin maps or even abstract world maps are ready to bring a great change to the lives of their owners.

Multicolor Push Pin World Map with Time Zones Canvas Wall Art
Multicolor Push Pin World Map with Time Zones
Wall art canvas print

Always Think Ahead

Sometimes it is good to think of the presents and gift-making season ahead. Shops offer great discounts on Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day so you can check out sales and buy several presents ahead - for upcoming birthdays or housewarmings.

There are a bunch of awesome presents out there - online and in local stores. Online you can compare prices and read the reviews whereas you can touch and scrutinize a product while shopping in a store.

No matter what you choose, there are some characteristics you have to take into account. This table showing some main features that would be loved by children, men or women will help you to choose an appropriate gift and design.

For Men
For Women
Wall decor (canvas, wooden, burlap, metal)
Monochrome and minimalist styles for bachelor’s pad or man
Watercolor and abstract designs
There are bright and colorful canvas artworks for nursery, but scratch-off or coloring maps are interactive
Classic design of world silhouette and leather material
Feminine design and inspiring inscriptions
Minimalist designs for teenagers or bright and vivid for school kids
Not always an option
Map pendants or bracelets, earrings
Great choice for teenage girls

These were several most popular ideas, but you can always think outside the box and present something completely different.

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