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Maps Wall Arts

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Keep your place charged with the energy of striking wall decoration. The selection impresses by a great variety of canvases that feature interesting maps, designed to fill any place with charm. Adorable prints vary in styles, formats, and sizes. Artworks are ready to create a pleasing atmosphere at your home: let your house be unusual. Canvases showing continents, countries, oceans, and seas will serve as a great inspirational tool. Adorable decorative solution for homeowners who try to set an individual tone. Fantastic decorations are bound to spice an apartment, give a nice accent piece. Create a focal point in any room of your dwelling: decorate it like a pro.

Large Canvas Map

World maps come in a bunch of cool styles. If you’re into minimalism and abstraction — abstract, geometric, modern prints will be the best choice. You’ll find the most amazing designs — text map, polygonal and ultra-modern variants. Watercolor maps are awesome: colorful splashes, radiance and energy make them look effective in any place. Choose an appropriate canvas to hang in a living or working space. Revive it and bring individual touch, show exceptional quality. You can plan your future travels or mark visited places with the help of push pins. Fantastic option for travel enthusiasts, family members, friends who are open to discoveries. There are cute maps for children — refresh a nursery or kid’s bedroom by displaying a superb canvas. It is a cool learning tool helping to memorize countries' names and get better in geography.

Exceptional Quality

Enchanting wall art has to be of a museum-quality. TexelPrintArt cares for the best materials, quality of the whole product. Greatest attention is given to items. Decorations are made of cotton canvas and stretcher-bar. Pinewood frames guarantee the durability of artworks. Protective varnish is applied to make prints long-lasting: enjoy lush colors and vibrancy of art. Inks amaze by hues and tones, ideal color balance and shades. Images are highly-detailed: you can notice single details. Order a variant with cork-backing that makes it simple to push pins. Let it be a visualization board to inspire new adventures. You receive your artwork well-packed, ready-to-hang.

Exclusive Decor

Personalization works well as a present: add wishes, motivational quotes or dates. Looks fabulous if customized to match the interior in terms of color. You can change the palettes of existing artworks. Custom-designed print will be a majestic piece that changes the whole dwelling, bringing positive vibes and fantastic mood.