Disney Wall Arts

Disney Wall Arts

2 canvas prints
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Turn a kid’s room into a miraculous space to spend time with friends: hang an amazing wall decoration. Artworks represented in this collection are designed to bring harmony and balance to any dwelling. Variety of prints will impress you: different product types, sizes, depictions and themes help to create a stunning interior. Choose the best-matching decoration to complement a nursery: let it be a creative addition that spices up the whole apartment. Lovely pictures will assist in the process of home-styling process, giving pleasant emotions, setting positive mood.

Disney Canvas Prints

Dive into the world of heroes, fantastic stories and recognizable personages. The selection offers a bunch of adorable prints showcasing castles, favorite characters. Enjoy prints featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Get amazed by the depictions of Cinderella, Frozen, Maleficent, Toy Story. Ordering an artwork and decorating a room with it, you create an ideal mood, release welcoming vibes and creative beats. Let a one-panel format fit an empty wall in sitting room. Multi-piece set serving as a complete unit be an attention-catcher in a lounge or dining area. Express your individuality by hanging nice artworks, combining them, arranging gallery wall.

Best Quality

TexelPrintArt is ready to revive your home interior by offering you a selection made of museum-quality decorations. Prints will impress by the creative designs, highly-detailed image, uniqueness and modern format. Quality is on top — prepare to spend hours browsing artworks. Using 100% cotton canvas, applying premium inks and wrapping a print around a base, we put experience and skills in the production process. Handmade Disney art print looks fantastic: smooth sides and corners, extended image achieved with the usage of a gallery wrap method. Protective varnish is applied to keep the vibrancy of colors, transmit the atmosphere of picture, show the details. Artwork arrives ready-to-hang which is ideal for homeowners who adore simplicity and effortless ways of achieving cool results.

Personalized Decor

Embody artistic ideas on canvas: use a free personalization option and order a one-of-a-kind decoration. Great possibility to give a feature to your house. Custom-designed artworks reflect the lifestyle, thoughts and liking of the owner. Change colors to match interior hues and tone, add inscriptions, quotes or meaningful dates. Amazing present for kids of your close friends, family members, who are in love with characters of Disney world.