9 Best World Map Wall Art for Your Room in 2021

9 Best World Map Wall Art for Your Room in 2021

Creating stylish and adorable interior designs is important. Living in a space that reflects who you are, shows your preferences, and simply surrounds you with the things you love is the greatest experience. This is where wall arts come in handy - simple and instant choice for any interior style.

One theme will remain popular for many years to come. World maps are nowadays designed in a bunch of creative designs and styles and you would definitely come up with a perfect variant for your home. So why are world maps so loved by homeowners? Some artworks are not only beautiful, they are functional and are ready to bring joy to your apartment.

Check some cool ideas we gathered for you to get inspired by the majesty and beauty of the world map printed on canvases.

1. Geometry and lines

Geometric World Maps will always be something contemporary and unique. These may be found in a great variety of colors and schemes, the main element used may be a line, circle, or polygonal. Such a stylish home complement would be a perfect fit for a space of minimalist or a person who likes to keep things simple. Thanks to its simplicity, the design will not overwhelm the space with the extra details, it shows the main outline. Therefore, this type of wall decoration makes a nice addition to a home office, conference room.

Extraordinary Abstract World Map
Extraordinary Abstract World Map
Wall art canvas print

2. Add Some Rusty Vibe

Rustic World Maps gained popularity during the past several years, but they are still one of the best options to choose from. These are also made in different colors and depict the world in a bunch of styles. Maps are united by a slight touch of nostalgia. This decor would make a rustic interior look even more warming and welcoming. You can find a real gem while looking at the prints at TexelPrintArt. Choose a format - one-panel or multi-piece - and size and style your home as your heart desires.

Click here to browse rustic world map prints on our site.

3. More Details

The beauty lies in the details. This is a case with Push Pin World Maps where precision and details play the main role. Such maps will let you enjoy the whole world, in the smallest details. Countries and cities names, and borders give you a nice picture. This is the most popular decoration, as it is interactive and is good for both kids and adults.

The most adorable thing about this product is that you can push the pins and mark the visited places. It is a cool interaction that will keep you away from post-travel depression. You can plan some new trips and journeys and look forward to new explorations. Besides, detailed world maps may be customized and you can easily change the color, add a legend or phrase or date.

Physical Push Pin World Map
Physical Push Pin World Map
Wall art canvas print

4. Royal Gold

This color is associated with the luxury lifestyle, something perfect and even royal. Gold World Maps look awesome in any interior style - traditional, contemporary, vintage, or minimalist. Extra-modern designs will complement a room styled in dark shades and colors. The combination of these two brings a dramatic effect that would be loved by your guests and family.

You can choose an oversized art and hang it in a living room or hallway or you can stick to small multi-panel pieces that liven up a bedroom or office in several minutes.

Click here to browse gold world maps on our site.

5. Let it be Neutral

Sometimes, the best decoration is something simple that doesn’t distract you from work or life. If you want to get a print that would look fresh and modern, you can check Black and White World Maps as there are a lot of things to choose from.

Minimum of the details, reserved style of the outline, and silhouettes of the whole world, this artwork would keep your place cool and modern.

Black Hemisphere World Map
Black Hemisphere World Map
Wall art canvas print

6. Become an Adventurer

The greatest discoveries can now be made by anyone. With Antique World Maps, you will feel yourself a real adventurer that is standing close to find out some mystery. Elaborately made, these designs look striking. You can see the old inscriptions on Latin, drawings and decorative elements, hemispheres that reflect people’s thoughts and beliefs of the world.

Such decor is a wonderful complement to a vintage or retro room. It is a nice addition to a home library, office, living room, or even a kid’s bedroom. Explore unique artistic creations of the past centuries just enjoying a beautiful print hanging on your wall.

7. Adding a Touch of Past

If you’re in love with antique and vintage artworks and would like to have such beauty in your living or working space, you’re in the right place. Vintage World Maps are made especially for this purpose. Creative canvases are ready to bring notes of nostalgia and create a cozy atmosphere in a lounge or office. Old world maps will also look striking when combined with modern art and decor. The mixture of past and present is a good choice to create a contrast and unite the opposite things.

Click here to browse vintage world maps on our site.

8. Creative Splashes

Huge fans of creative artworks and color will love Watercolor World Maps as they immediately fill the home with color. Such prints work well in creating an accent wall, refreshing and reviving the atmosphere of any room. A nice choice for people who love traveling and cannot live without art. Colorful splashes set the mood and boost your positive energy and attitude.

The decor will cope with the different interiors - you can hang it in a classic, loft, traditional, rustic, urban, or contemporary house. It will attract the attention of guests. Also, it serves as a nice educational tool for kids, especially if you get a detailed watercolor map.

Brown Watercolor Push Pin World Map
Brown Watercolor Push Pin World Map
Wall art canvas print

9. Create a WOW Effect

Instead of having a lot of artwork depicting different things and themes, you could order one large-size decor. Check the Huge World Maps and you’ll understand how cool it may look. This decorative solution will come in handy for those who have a big empty wall and get tired of looking at the emptiness all the time.

You can pick any style - watercolor style will show you as a creative person, geometric - as a person who likes simplicity. Or maybe you want to get a unique design? Then you can look at the zone world maps, text maps that consist of countries' names.

Oversized print works best! Just make sure to pick the appropriate scheme and format. Split-panel looks very modern and catches the eye as well.

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