Framed vs Unframed Canvas - How to Decide?

Framed vs Unframed Canvas - How to Decide?

You’ve decided to decorate your home with the art object and face some difficulties — there are so many options! Choosing the adornment which will suit the room and the size of canvas that will highlight your place profitably – these are only the most obvious challenges.

Canvas print is chosen. What step is next? You should predict how the print will be presented on the wall – with or without a frame? We will help you to decide how to decorate the interior correctly in order to emphasize the merits of the canvas and your home style.

Unframed Canvas — What Is It?

Unframed canvas is the way of designing the wall art. It assumes that the canvas print is hung without any frame and the image is continued on the canvas sides. Unframed canvas prints look great if you want to decorate your place with minimalist art, night cityscapes, skylines, different maps, street-art, underground images, thematic sport or hobby pictures. Usually, the unframed wall art is used in homes with contemporary hi-tech décor as it makes the place more stylish and modern.

Unframed Canvas — What Is It?

Benefits of Unframed Canvas

The canvas without frame has some advantages that may help you to choose this way of decorating your wall. Here is the list of the most valuable benefits of the unframed canvas:

Highlighting the contemporary style of the interior

As the unframed canvas has no frame, the image is not loaded with extra accessories. It makes the artwork minimalist so the décor of your room will look fresher and modern.

Highlighting the contemporary style of the interior

Vivid beauty from any angle

The image on unframed canvas is printed in the way that it is visible even in the right, left, top and bottom sides. So, the tints of the printed art will harmoniously suit the colors of the room and make a complete composition.

Just wipe off dust

The great news for those, who don’t like to spend much time cleaning the room. The unframed canvas is easy to care. The canvas is printed with quality inks, so they will not lose their brightness. To maintain cleanliness, you just need to wipe off the dust from the top side of the unframed decoration.

Natural color rendering

Unframed canvas print with the art you’ve chosen will be naturally bright and vivid. The canvas print without frame has no glass or extra decorations that could distort the picture itself.

What Is a Framed Canvas?

Framed canvas print is the image itself printed on the canvas and placed in a glass frame or without it. The frame is chosen due to the size and shape of the wall art. The frame can be black, white, brown or colorful – you choose the tint you want to add to your space. This type of wall art is beautiful and expedient if you want to hang a portrait, famous paintings or their reproductions, historical canvases. Also, the framed wall hanging is a great choice for film or music posters.

What Is a Framed Canvas?

Framed Canvas – Benefits

Framed canvases may be comfortable and wonderful art object for your home if you share the next advantages:

Addition to your room colors

The color of the frame can be an emphasis on your décor style. If you want the art to be a central part of the room which will fill the place with a special mood and transmit unique vibes – the frame can help to focus the vision on the print.

Moisture and temperature differences resistance

Frame with glass helps you to save the wall canvas from water, sunbeams and temperature differences. This quality prolongs “life” of the wall art and makes it durable. Also, with a framed print, it’s possible to hang the picture in the bathroom or other room with the increased level of moisture.

>Moisture and temperature differences resistance

Elegant and aristocratic interior

The canvas art in the frame makes the image tidier and neater – just like in castles or exquisite houses. There are also a great variety of frames – every option has their own mood that can help you to make the wanted décor understandable and accurate.

Bright glass colors

The framed artwork have the glass in front of the image itself. Thanks to the glossy nature of the glass the colors of the wall art become brighter and more vivid.

Unframed vs Framed — Choosing the Right Print for You

The same wall art produced in a different way and mean looks completely different. Still, due to modern technologies both variants – framed and unframed canvas – are of great quality. There is no exact answer which type of canvas print to choose — the right choice depends on preferences, lifestyle, likings and hobbies, the style of your dwelling and your personal taste.

There are also some basic tips from interior designers which may help you to decide whether your home needs unframed or framed canvas print art. For your convenience, we have placed these recommendations in the table. All you need is find your apartment style in the first column and find out what kind of canvas wall art will suit better.

Decor StyleFramed Canvas PrintUnframed Canvas Print
Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo+
Classicism, Romanesque style++
Gothic & Eclectic style+
Techno, Loft, High—Tech++
Contemporary, Eco style+

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