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Inspired by the beauty of Chinese bear, we decided to gather the most exciting prints showcasing this species in one place. Quite big “bear cats” as people call them are famous for distinctive black patches around eyes, over the ears and body. Here you’ll find sweet artworks that would cheer you up on a gloomy day. Total cuteness reigns in this selection. Get ready to enjoy the wild nature, impressive characters, and unusual sceneries. Great range of art would come in handy for those who look for perfect decor. Each of them is a nice tool of transforming your home atmosphere into a brilliant modern dwelling with homelike ambiance.

Panda Canvas: Enjoy Tranquility

Whenever you look at this cute creature, smile immediately appears on your face. Imagine how cool it would be if you hung one in a living room, bedroom or hallway. Everytime you come back home, a lovely friend greets with its funny expression. Small flats may be easily complimented with single-panel canvas. They don’t overwhelm a place with its size, but at the same time bring a stylish accent. Any of them may be hung in every corner of your dwelling: solo, as part of a gallery wall, paired up with some other prints. Multi-piece decor is an absolutely stunning idea for huge empty space. Living or working place may be turned into a homelike welcoming area. Frames option in different colors is also available. Such prints suit traditional abodes but also match modern interior bringing it chic. Since pandas are black & white, prints depicting these animals would be ideal for minimalist apartments. There are a variety of themes. One of them is contemporary graffiti represented by Banksy’s creation. It may perfectly suit bachelor’s pad or urban, hipster interior. Kids also love the Chinese bears, so you can decorate a nursery with any product from this selection without doubts.

Reach Perfection

Caring for clients’ trust, we handcraft panda prints with all the attention. Cotton canvas and inks give birth to extremely quality. Canvas is known for its advantages, among which are durability and its texture properties. Besides, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Prints from this selection look the same way for a really long time. Reliable wooden stretcher-bar makes it stable and well-stretched. The product arrives ready-to-hang.

Set Your Artistic Side Free

If you want something special to be done to complement home interior, customized panda wall decor would come in handy. Point your wishes on how you imagine a perfect artwork — we’ll everything possible to make your wish come true. It is also a nice gift for children, parents, friends. Personalize it with meaningful words and show your true feelings.