7 Best Blue Bedroom Wall Ideas

7 Best Blue Bedroom Wall Ideas

Among a great variety of colors and shades, blue is considered to be the popular one. Ask people what their favorite color and you is might hear the answer “blue”. This color has a lot of shades and tints, but they are united by the same or similar effect on the human body and mind. The color is associated with nature. Ceaseless sky, clear water… It is also associated with freedom, inspiration, creativity and depth, sophistication, and elegance. Some people find it cold and unemotional. Although it all depends on the shade. Blues are warm and cold, and it is important to find the best tone.

When it comes to the home interior and decoration of an abode, one thing remains a pure fact – blue creates a calming vibe. It is used to make an apartment look refreshing, relaxing, and modern. Such a color scheme is perfect for a dining room, as the color is believed to be an appetite suppressant. But the best room to use it for a bedroom. Why? Blue helps your body to relax and makes you fall asleep even faster!

Here are some awesome ideas that might help you while creating an interior bedroom in blue colors.

Use Pale Blue to Create a Serene Atmosphere

If you a type of homeowner who does not like to have a lot of different colors at home, and likes to stick to something simple, this tip is for you. Instead of using vivid color, you can create a wonderful look in your bedroom with the help of pale tints.

These are perfect as a foundation, they do not overwhelm a space, but make it feel cleaner and more spacious. Among a great variety, choose the one that corresponds to your inner state! The best thing about this idea is that you could use some bright accent whenever you are ready to open up your mind for some bold experiments in the interior. Even without changing anything!

You could simply add a nice blue bedroom wall art and that would be enough to make a room look different and modern.

Best blue wall arts for bedroom

Get Fancy Wallpaper

Wallpapers are underestimated. A striking number of patterns and colors, ornaments, and themes make this type of adornment one of the simplest. It is easy to pick the print you like - this may be a marine theme, natural leaves, plants, and flourishing, and many more.

Perfect choice to keep a traditional interior look calm and intelligent, reserved but at the same time amusing. Some of the wallpaper types would be an ideal complement to a bohemian or even classic interior, while the other creates an awesome contemporary vibe.

Hang a Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is always a great idea to refresh a room. As for a bedroom, some themes can take your interior to a completely higher level. Blue world maps are the most popular artwork to hang. Showing the whole world in the most creative way, they would give your space an adventurous touch. Deep blue world map made in a creative way would be an eye-catching element in your room bringing joy and entertain you.

There are different styles. You can choose between minimalist and simple outlines, watercolor designs with color splashes, creative geometric and abstract décor. Give a fantastic addition and highlight the best of your space.

Blue Plus Different Color Combinations

The best trick that one can use while creating a perfect interior design is to stick to some universal schemes and combinations. Blue is a color that looks natural while combining with different colors. The most popular ones are green, orange, blue, white, bright yellow, red… Almost everything!

Most of these pairs are found in nature so they will look effective and beautiful no matter what. For example, tropical seascapes show the harmony of colors. Get inspired by it.

You could make blue a foundation – it may be a deep shade or a light tint – and make some accents with the help of other colors. Dark and blue will give your space an elegant vibe and sophistication. Bright green, yellow or orange would bring a nice refreshing touch. Such solutions are not boring, and they do not overwhelm the space with extra details or colors. Make sure to use the power of color wisely.

Coastal and Summer Vibes

We all love the serenity of the beach. Charming views and a fantastic feeling of freedom and independence. With the coastal décor wall, you could create an adorable atmosphere right at your bedroom.

Coastal and Summer Vibes

Seascapes wall arts will show you the best ways to escape the daily routine. Enjoy the sunsets, sea waves, sandy beaches, and warmth of summer. Find yourself walking along the coastline, forgetting about the everyday stress and problems. Get a picture of a beach bungalow surrounded by greenery and lush tropical foliage and see at the revived and enliven room you get.

Wall decoration is the most effective mean of creating the desired look. But you could use some other art pieces – a small symbolic figurine, ornaments, and prints found on blankets, curtains, or even rugs.

Let the waves on the pictures take you to the dreamland full of pleasing dreams and the nicest feelings.

Make a Great Use of Lights

Usually, people use one kind of light – warm. There is nothing bad about it, but if you want to make your interior look unique, you have to think about some cool features that will bring a character to your space. We have a simple idea that does not require changing the whole interior or redesigning the room. Use some LED light that has a distinctive blue color. Such a solution would be a great addition to a contemporary bedroom. This looks especially good when the predominant color of your space is dark.


This is the coolest solution for people who stick to something minimalist. Even though you interior may be designed in a grey, beige or other neutral colors, the bright blue headboard would be a superb element that may tie up the whole interior in one.

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