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Summer vibes, sea waves, ocean breeze and warm sunshine — the best things to surround yourself with. Wall decor will surely bring positive emotions. Our collection is inspired by sea life, it helps to improve any flat. Amazing creatures in this selection will draw a smile on your face while changing the way your home looks. An abundance of artistic manners, product types, sizes, colors would come in handy for picky ones. Interesting interior solution, a print showcasing nautical animal will suit almost any place. No matter what style reigns in your apartment, you can transform it in a lovely welcoming place. Make any much room cozier, brighter and warmer.

Dolphin Wall Decor: Types

This species is believed to be intelligent, have self-awareness. They are loved by many people from all over the world. If you’re one of those who genuinely love these animals, you might want to complement your home with beautiful prints. Revive interior of your dwelling by simply hanging wall decoration depicting a cute aquatic mammal. This collection is represented by a great number of styles, such as abstract, realistic, minimalist. Here you’ll find the one matching interior colors, room concept, arising positive emotions. It is a great addition to a beach-themed bedroom, living room, dining area or working space. You can choose among single-panel, multi-piece or framed art. Non-standard sizes are also available. Art may be something that will shape an adobe. One-piece decor would make tiny rooms more stylish, modern, refreshed. If you already have a gallery wall, this is a great opportunity to add a nice addition. Canvas set is best at creating wow-effect, you’ll receive dozens of compliments from friends and family. Three, four or five pieces would suit spacious living rooms.

What You'll Get

Dolphin canvases are of high quality because we use premium cotton canvas, reliable wooden base, and protective varnish. The whole construction stays steady. Inks would remain their vividness during a long time. Thanks to the gallery wrap method, sides, as well as corners, look neat. If ordered framed canvas, no additional framing is required. Besides, a product arrives ready-to-hang which economizes time.

Get Individual Design

Setting the right mood at an apartment is not an easy task. With TexelPrintArt customization option, you will get closer to the dreamy interior. Change palettes or add text to make rooms incredibly beautiful. You can also turn any existing image into black & white. Such dolphin artworks are stylish, bringing modern vibes. They suit traditional, contemporary, rustic or urban spaces.