Koi Fishes Wall Arts

Koi Fishes Wall Arts

2 canvas prints
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Can you imagine a traditional Japanese garden without koi fish? The same way, it is impossible to imagine a home of Japan-lover or nature-lover without symbolical artworks that showcase jinli, as they call this species. Inspired by colors, patterns as well as scalation of these spices, we’ve gathered the most impressive decoration in one place. This selection allows you to get closer to nature and get to know its wonders. These beautiful prints are able to transform a place into a modern dwelling with its own charm. Different designs will help you to pick the one, perfectly matching your interior.

Koi Fish Wall Decor for All

Nishikigoi, another name of this species, is believed to bring wealth, fortune and good luck. That’s why so many people want to complement their dwellings with their adorable image. In this selection, you’ll find different styles, color solutions that will help you to decide your future interior look. Black & white, blue & pink, deep dark and green hues would make an accent in any room. There is a print depicting two swimming fish — a traditional image that may be found almost everywhere. You can also find an interesting art showcasing signs of Japanese aesthetics — lotus flower, dragonfly, aside jinli. Koi canvas is a real conversation starter. It is an amazing addition to a living room, guest room, dining area or kitchen alike. If you want to impress your guests even more, get a multi-panel set that covers the whole wall. For small apartments with minimalistic simple interiors, both one-panel or multi-piece artworks suit well. Framed prints create welcoming atmosphere, more elaborately matched.

Superior Art

Quality is what we care about first. We use premium cotton canvas for inks to make real magic happen. Wooden base along with gallery method of stretching allows prints to look visually appealing, with neat sides, corners, and steady construction. Protective varnish will guarantee a long time of vibrancy. It also arrives ready-to-hang, so you can start transforming your dwelling right away. Buying koi wall decor, you get excellent art you’ll be enjoying for decades.

Uniquely Yours

Style any room according to your likings with our customization option. It is an easy affordable way to get something intriguing, one-of-a-kind, special. Change colors, add text or memorable dates to revive the ambiance of your apartment. This is a fantastic gift idea as well. Personalized presents for family members, friends, colleagues or beloved would make their special day perfect.