10 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Every Style

10 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Every Style

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area. This room is believed to be the heart of any house. It is full of smells and tastes, different flavors and colors. No wonder it needs to be comfortable in order to charge you and uplift every day! The best and easiest way to change the style of your home is to hang a wall decoration. No one likes the blank walls, even though it is considered to be minimalist – our eye searches for something interesting to catch!

Families usually tend to pay attention to some practical decisions, rather than creative and artsy decorative solutions. But if you hang some kitchen canvas prints, for example, it instantly changes the whole atmosphere and gives a nice homelike vibe. In this article, we are going to show you some easy but still creative and impressive options that would take your interior on a new level.

Farmhouse Style

A balance of practical and elegant, cohesive, and relaxed, farmhouse interior keeps surprising. If you want to add a fantastic addition to your kitchen that is designed in this style, you can choose a wall décor for any taste.

The basics of the farmhouse kitchen are always something natural. You may want to stick to some natural textures and materials while choosing wall décor. Canvas, metal, and wood would be a perfect complement that adds a character to the whole space.

Some signs, inscriptions, traditional imagery, and patterns will come in handy. Nowadays, the choice is great and you just have to look for the most appropriate variant.

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They See Me Rollin They Hatin
They See Me Rollin They Hatin
Wall art canvas print

Add Some Color

One of the most effective ways to style your kitchen accordingly to your liking and preference is to add some color. Pop art kitchen would make an amazing complement to retro-styled cooking space. Such artworks will not only increase the level of creativity in your kitchen but also add a wonderful vibe of something nostalgic.

Among the wide range of prints, you can choose those that suit your interior in terms of colors. You can also make an accent wall consisting of art. It is a cool solution for spaces that have a huge blank wall.

Think of a variety of prints – you can use the famous ‘Campbell's Soup Cans’ or any other print that depicts vegetables, fruits, donuts, baked cakes, and prepared food in a creative and unusual way. The main key is to draw the attention of the guest and make the artwork a part of the whole interior.

Chief Cook Delicious
Chief Cook Delicious
Wall art canvas print

Vintage is Always on Top

Vintage will always be popular – it impresses by the sophistication of ornaments and patterns, adds some charm to an apartment, and simply looks whole. Adding some vintage kitchen prints is a good idea for all types of interior. It could be used in contemporary interior as well – we all know that old and modern give a wonderful effect.

Among the trendiest themes are the depictions of herbs and flora, cutlery, signs and inscriptions, abstract and realistic dishes, and food. You can also check the abundance of choices at TexelPrintArt. The canvas prints will impress you with the printing quality, bright colors, and solid construction. Besides, you can also make it unique by adding something you want – it may be an important date, name, or phrase. Get your home look adorable with incredible canvas!

Beautiful Kitchenware
Beautiful Kitchenware
Wall art canvas print

Mind the Variety of Wall Art

Designers offer some cool prints. From the minimalist continuous line depictions to the complex works of art – you will surely find something that really speaks to you.

If you are a coffee lover and cannot imagine your life without this hot energizing beverage – make sure to take a look at coffee wall art prints. Just one look at the roasted beans, aromatic cup of coffee will help you to start your day easy and smooth. There are creative prints showing different types of coffee.

Want to make your kitchen look simple? Minimalist artworks showing herbs, wine glasses, bottles, veggies, and fruits in an abstract style would help you to keep your place simple but add a spice.

Different dishes and cocktails recipes will make a nice addition. There are some cool designs, as chalkboard, rustic, and vintage. Having the recipe of your favorite food or drink will motivate you to cook it more often and taste it with special pleasure.

Aroma Coffee
Aroma Coffee
Wall art canvas print

Accent Wall

The accent wall may be created by different means. You can order different prints united by one theme and just arrange it in a way you like. The gallery wall is a simple solution to give your room a creative look and set the mood for the whole space.

But you can also think of something even more creative and functional. This way is a chalkboard wall that can be used for notes, menus, and recipes. It would be a useful tool while cooking. It also makes you more organized and reminds you of important things that are on your to-do list.


When it comes to storage, people do not pay attention to the creative side of it. But you can create a wonderful interior without fancy artworks and accent walls. Hanging cool shelves will help you to extend the storage and make it look like art! This is a perfect variant for small spaces where every inch is valuable. You can use the shelves to display accessories or supplies, plates, and cups, spices, and houseplants.

It is a great thing to paint the shelf in an accent color. This trick will turn a simple storage system into an interesting decorative solution.

Kitchen Wall Decors

Wall Decals

Even though decals were very popular some years ago, people still prefer this kind of art over different wall hanging. Why? Well, because it is simple and does not take a lot of time and effort to apply it.

Decals are designed in different colors. It may be a nice solution for people who rent an apartment but still want to make it feel like home. No holes and hammering, just peel and stick on the surface. The best thing is that you can easily change it once you are bored with it. The price is also not too high, which is good for your wallet.

Hang Herb Garden

The other functional solution is hanging a small herb garden. It looks like a refreshing spot in the kitchen and is always handy. You can also make this composition yourself – all you need is a couple of matching pots, towel rack, hooks, and your mood.

In such a way, you can hang different flowers and create a greenery oasis. Also, green goes with a wooden interior perfectly, so if you have a rustic or farmhouse style, you must consider this tip.

Kitchen Wall Art Decor

More Wood

How about displaying cutting boards on your wall? Sounds cool and unusual! You can hang a wooden board as it is, or you can order a painted one that depicts ornaments or written inscriptions. Mix and match it with some other wooden signs or rustic, shabby chic decorations and the effect would be amazing. Such composition would add a warm rustic vibe and make the whole room cozier for your family and guests.

Display Plates

This tip is a perfect choice for vintage lovers and those who like to make the composition of different elements on their own. Choose the plates and bowls that have various patterns and colors and create an unusual look. Find your old plates that are no longer in use and give them a new chance by hanging them or displaying them on shelves.

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