Top Interior Color Trends in 2021

Top Interior Color Trends in 2021

Don't know how to decorate your home keeping the style of your place and highlighting the best items? Well, TexelPrintArt has a decision! Our wall art canvases are designed in a modern and fashionable manner so it's up to you to choose the one that will suit your interior. And color palette is the most obvious decision criterion.

Trendy colours for the wall art

Every year, Pantone university explores colors and names the main shade of the year. Usually, this information is used in digital media, still, the design of the interior is also lean on their research. This year Pantone has presented two main shades - Illuminating (warm yellow) and Ultimate Gray (light grey).

TexelPrintArt has a wide range of minimalistic grey canvases and yellow prints that will make your space modern, trendy and stylish. The combination of these tints transmits both calm vibes and brightness and definitely creates a winning composition for your interior. Both could be used in a creative gallery wall art expressing your personality and tastes.

Except for the Pantone position, the fashion industry has a serious influence on trends. Famous designers and couturiers create their new collections using some dominating colors that quickly become mainstream and set the mood of contemporaneity. This year the themes of ecological consumption and saving nature are extremely popular and important so different shades of green begin to surround us. As for the interior design, it’s perfect to use natural landscapes and animal canvases, and bright green colors to fresh space and make it a relaxing and stylish zone. Explore a great variety of prints and choose the best one matching your interior ideally.

Best colour decision for living room

A living room is perhaps the most important part of the home as here you spend most of your free time. It’s a space, where you usually relax with friends and family, so the style of this room makes the mood for lots of people. To make a stylish living room you need to decorate the wall with something bright and fashionable, that will transmit the vibes of joy and positivity. For this purpose, the red wall art or any other one-dominating-color prints will be the best decision.

Minimalistic arts usually have a powerful impact on the whole atmosphere and highlight the key decor items. TexelPrintArt can propose to you a great selection of vivid color wall canvases that will make an interesting and fascinating style in combination with your furniture and household appliances.

Shop our living room collection.

Colorful wall art for the bathroom

Decorating a bathroom wasn’t really popular some years ago, but now this place has become a much more important space, especially for women. Everyday makeup and complex body care have become the routine art and rest for many people. So, this room definitely deserves to be stylish and transmit confidence and beauty. In order to decorate the interior of your bathroom in trendy shades, designers recommend using blue canvas wall art and light-colored prints.

These tints give a sense of relaxation, also associated with purity, freshness, balance, and tranquillity. Usually, bathrooms are decorated with sea landscapes, tender portraits, or motivational paintings or quotes as they energize you in the morning and keep you in a great state for the full day. TexelPrintArt has a lot of inspirational and stylish canvases and prints which will suit your washing zone better than you've imagined. Make sure to get the best one.

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Unboring office - colourful art

A workplace is a special zone for everyone. You almost live there, meeting colleagues and partners, dealing with different issues and challenges, inspiring to succeed, and motivating yourself to develop and be better. The interior of your office or working zone can tell people about the company’s status, its values, and aims. So, the decoration of the workplace needs to be fashionable and attractive.

Choosing the canvas wall art for the office or any other working space we recommend you to pay attention to the image’s dominating colors. For example, the red canvas wall arts will symbolize your passion and power, yellow and golden tones express royalty and light, blue shades demonstrate freedom and balance.

Your main brand colors are your key to the perfect decoration and TexelPrintArt is your source of quality and stylish wall arts. There are a huge number of trendy and magnetic arts for offices and also many thematic wall prints to hang in unusual workplaces like gyms, pubs, garages etc.

The main color trends give us the possibility to turn on our imagination and combine different shades with our interior items. The best way to highlight the room color is to hang a beautiful image in the center of the space. Canvases on the walls can transmit the energy to every corner, better your inner state, motivate, and inspire. Still, the simple wall art sets the style to the interior and makes it fashionable and adorable for you.

TexelPrintArt has a big collection of wall art canvases performed in different manners and colors. Amazing decorative solutions would impress you and make your space better. Here you can find the best art for any room you want to decorate and get it in high quality and gorgeous implementation. Observe and enjoy! Turn your space into something truly brilliant.

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