15 Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

15 Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

Among many different things you can decorate your bedroom with, there is one that may change the whole look of it. It is called wall art. Lots and lots of ideas, new design trends and new decoration means are appearing every month! How to choose wall art for your bedroom? Check our ideas to get an instant inspiration and start to decorate your bedroom with something you really like! Let’s get started.

1. Canvas

Canvases are real saviors when it comes to making your place unique and elegant. They all have a special texture that allows you to see every single detail and enjoy the artwork. Usually, canvases are stretched over a frame and are sold ready to hang. Your task is to choose one and find an appropriate place to display your canvas.

Here are some ideas for your bedroom.

Don’t be afraid of dark shades

Black and white artworks are classy and they match any bedroom. Do you worry about the lack of colors in your bedroom? Or maybe you think a black and white color scheme won’t get a desirable effect? Just look at this winter landscape snowy mountains peak: different shades of grey work perfectly!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

What about some romantic vibes?

Romantic wall art will be the best choice for a couple’s bedroom. If you want to make your room romantic, you may want to choose watercolor paintings. Just like this one:What about some romantic vibes?

Adventure awaits!

People travel more often nowadays. Seeing new places and exploring new countries is fun. But the fun doesn’t stop once you get back home! Hang a world map where you can mark your travels and you will forget about post-travel depression. This is a functional wall art: it entertains you and makes the bedroom look complete.

Adventure awaits!

Besides, you can also make your own world map. Read our article and get to know how!


If you’re enjoying nature and it brings you peaceful thoughts, this is the type of wall art that is just for you. Floral wall art – no matter what – lilies, sunflowers, roses or cherry blossom, boosts your mood and let the springly atmosphere reign at your bedroom.

Flowers Wall Art for Bedroom

Closer to nature

Bedroom is a place where you relax and so, you need some canvas that calms you down. Forest prints and landscapes will come in handy. As well as animals prints. Check our animal wall art collection to get inspired and choose something that is perfect for your bedroom!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

Cities and monuments

Landmarks and architecture of big cities are majestic! You can hang wall art featuring your favorite city. Make sure the chosen wall art is not overwhelming the place. A simple solution of how to hang big wall art is shown below.

Of course, there are so many different styles and types of canvases. Framed or unframed, one panel or multi-panel wall art. You can also hang your family photos, some quotes or pictures that make you smile!

2. Tapestries

This is the best decoration for those who love simple things and who likes to change the bedroom interior from time to time. You can hang a tapestry in any style: abstract or detailed, landscape or cityscape (yep, you can find it), mandalas or something else. Look at these ideas!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

This cosmic tapestry will take you to the dreamland in no time! Beautifully combined with the colors of the bedroom. This is what people call “harmony”!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

Want to add something more? Add some lights, as shown below! A simple way to make things look even better

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

3. Shelves

If you like to keep many items by your bed – just to grab it quickly without even getting up, get the shelves ABOVE bed! This is a creative idea and functional solution for storing important things. You can display the things that have their story or something that has an impact on you!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

4. Metal wall art

Sounds very unique! Metal wall art will be a great décor idea for those who like unusual things. Usually, metal artworks impress with abstract design and unbelievable combinations.

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

5. Wood

Wood is also a great choice for a bedroom. It may be represented in so many forms and shapes. You can make your bedroom stylish and modern with the help of this technique:

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

Or you can enjoy the natural wonders!

5 Ideas on Wall Art for Bedroom: How to Choose Wall Art?

Nowadays there is so many wall art made of wood. Different animals, abstract forms and shapes, wooden planks with a custom quote on it. One thing is clear: wall art shapes the room. It makes the look completed and stylish.

6. Mirrors

If your bedroom is small but you want to make it LOOK bigger, you can use a well-known trick. Just place a big mirror. It works well especially if your room is designed in light colors. Such decorative solution will brighten up a space and makes it a fantastic place to rest.

The cool thing is that you can choose any style of mirrors. Place an old-fashioned mirror with a heavy frame that has delicate ornaments and carvings and you’ll get a perfect vintage bedroom.

Interesting way to give an accent to a room is to place small mirror-pieces creating the whole wall like shown below:

Mirrors for your bedroom

7. Greenery and plants

In love with plants? Miss the nature and serenity created by greenery? Let your passion for gardening and natural elements be fulfilled with this suburb idea.

There are several variants. First is to make a shelf and place pots with houseplants – the wider the leaves the best effect it creates. Look at this one below:

Greenery and plants

Climbing plants with small foliage looks great as it gives a natural vibe and takes you to a real rainforest!

The second idea is to use hanging pots. It’s a visually stunning decision but may not be comfortable to live like that. Get inspired:


The other thing is to hang floristic compositions of succulents or moss: it refreshes the rooms and grabs your attention.


8. Stickers and cutouts

Thanks to a great variety of options, you can pick a nice sticker and put it on a wall with no effort. It is a quick way to change a dull interior.

Also, if you don’t like it in several months or just got tired of it – peel it off and think of something else. Perfect choice for those low on budget or homeowners who don’t want to make some holes in a wall.

Stickers and cutouts

9. Twinkle lights

The easiest and cheapest way to give your place a tint of celebration, miracle and happiness. Multi-colored or one-color lights create an atmosphere of joy in a moment. It also makes you think of winter holidays and Xmas mood. Ideal temporary solution of how to transform your bedroom for New Year.

Stickers and cutouts

10. Wall stripes

Want to enjoy an bedroom? Use a simple but effective tip to make a room look modern. Let the lines be vertical, horizontal or diagonal – unleash the creativity changing your living space.

Wall stripes

11. Woven baskets

Who said such type of décor could be placed only in kitchen or dining room? Colored woven baskets can add an interesting rustic tone to a bedroom. Match the predominant colors of room, pillowcases or blankets with tints and elements of baskets.

12. Letters and phrases

Do you have a life motto? Favorite phrase that makes you move? This tip will help you to remember about most important things, your goals, values, ideas.

It may be a beautiful calligraphic phrase about love and relationships – shapes a romantic bedroom. You can hang one letter, your first or last name, a memorable date or else.

Letters and phrases

13. Macrame wall hanging

Stylish and trendy way to refresh bedroom for fans of boho and rustic home interior design. Hanging a handmade décor (especially if it’s done by you or family members) is a great reminder of how versatile and creative human beings are.

14. String garland

Beautiful and minimalist choice ideal to set a sleep-oriented atmosphere. Themes and materials may be different. Moon and stars helping reach some serenity or feathers giving a hint of nature and boho style. Garlands may be crafted from textile, metal, wood or even paper.

15. Wreath

The circle itself is a symbol of eternity and wealth. Once combined with evergreen plant branches it becomes a sign of longevity and happy life. It may be used as a decoration during winter holidays if you choose a pine base or a great refreshing element for everyday life if there are wide exotic leafage.

You can use a wreath as it is or hang it on a window frame or wooden plank that creates a depth and event more aesthetics.

Have no idea how to choose the best way? This table helps you:

Mean of decorationAdvantageDisadvantage
CanvasDiversity of designs, themes, lush colors and formatsYou will probably have to insert a nail or hook into a wall
TapestryColorful accent, eye-catchingYou will have to clean it from dust occasionally
ShelvesMaximizes a storage spaceMay create a ‘clutter’ effect if there are too much of items on it
MetalSimple and shiny decorations, prefect for contemporary flatsCreates an effect of heaviness in small rooms
WoodGives a natural lookMay be uneasy to clean the surface of decor
MirrorsVisually add light and more spaceVintage or heavy frames may be expensive
PlantsRefreshes a bedroomMay be difficult to reach to water houseplant
StickersQuick and simpleLack of colors and tints
Twinkle lightsCreates a holiday atmosphereMay look childish for some people
StripesModern and boldYou’ll have to spend hours thinking on how to make it yourself
BasketsInteresting rustic accentThere’s a fine line between simple and overwhelming look
LettersLooks minimalist, reflects your ideasTakes time to wipe of dust from surface
MacraméGives bohemian, rustic and shabby chic notesCollects dust
GarlandsEasy to change once you’re tired of themMay produce sound if it’s made of metal
WreathEye-catching and refreshing decorNot easy to clean

We hope this guide of what decoration type to choose for a bedroom is useful thing for homeowners who want to create a majestic space.

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