10 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

10 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

While styling an apartment, people forgot to give a final touch to a bathroom. It is an unavoidable room for you and your guests, so why not decorating it with something truly unique? This article will inspire you with several cool ideas of how to shape a bathroom giving it an interesting vibe and make it stylish and harmonic.

Discover simple and effective ways of transforming the interior of the bathroom. You’ll find out how to change the look with the help of elegant artworks or funny pictures.

Dress Up Walls Using Canvas

If you are looking for a simple decoration that doesn’t require a lot of time spent on its searches, canvas is the best idea then. Different styles and depictions will help you to find the one that matches your interior style.

Abstract bathroom

Abstract piece of art is a wonderful choice for bathrooms that lack color. If you want to highlight a certain color of shade, such decoration is a win-win choice.

Abstract bathroom wall art is a game-changing element that will give this room an elegant, dramatic or contemporary look depending on the depiction.

Abstract bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

If you do not want to overwhelm the bathroom with different colors, want to keep it simple but still add a decorative element, minimalist canvases will help you. Designed with a minimum of details, bathroom wall art will pull the look together giving your bathroom a finished composition.

Symbols and phrases, portraits drawn in a line art style and many more minimalistic wall art pieces will look just stunning.

Minimalist bathroom

Humor bathroom

For those who want to make a bathroom a place that makes your family members and your guest smile, humor wall art is the best decision. They are designed to draw a smile and increase a mood. But the most important – they shape a space and show the attitude of the homeowner.

Humor bathroom

Kids bathroom

With the help of canvas, you can create an awesome atmosphere in a kid’s bathroom as well. Choose among funny phrases and reminders, cute animals, colorful prints and superb nautical elements. Pick a blue wall art for boy or pink artworks for girl.

Use Shelves

Using shelves as a decorative element is a functional and beautiful decision for small bathrooms. Just look at your interior, prevailing color palette and the mood you want to create.

Wooden shelves with different pictures, towels, jars and towels may create an eye-catching corner in a bathroom. But it’s important to keep it clean and not cluttered.

Use Shelves

Think of a Toilet Paper Holder

Even simple things, such as toilet paper, may be turned into a piece of art! You can find different ideas of how to place rolls of paper using special shelves. These may be found in the shape of sheep, cat, cloud, circle or anything else you want.

Get an Unusual Mirror

Mirror is a vital part of a bathroom, so why not make an eye-drawing centerpiece? Use different shapes and concepts to match your home style. You can easily create a contemporary edge room with the help of light or an elegant vintage bathroom with the help of carved frame.

Get an Unusual Mirror

Choose Woven Baskets

Yep, again. But this time they serve as a decoration only. Baskets, especially rounded ones, can give a room a rustic touch, make it simple and look more natural. Such a solution is a great addition to a bathroom styled in a light color scheme.

Apply Wall stickers

Want to keep your walls in a perfect condition, but in most cases to decorate a place you have to make some holes? Stickers would be the best opportunity to change the space.

Produced in a great variety of types and colors, they will be a perfect choice for those who like instant results. Choose among quotes, funny phrases, images and bathroom-related depictions.

The best thing is that you can change it quickly if you got tired of it by just peeling it off!

Create a Moss Wall

This idea will be loved by homeowners who love nature and greenery. Moss wall catches the eye, refreshes the whole look and make it much more effective.

It also gives you a wonderful sense of being surrounded by plants and trees. Just imaging how relaxing it is taking a bath in a place like this!

Use Lovely Hooks

The beauty is in details. If you like to keep a space simple, do not want to hang prints or add some stickers, you’ll be amazed by this idea. Why not installing some cool hooks? These may be in the form of rock, whale tail, starfish or even octopus tentacle. The choice is great, so go and explore!

Place Minimalist Letters

Do not let your walls be empty. With the help of letter art, you can turn a bathroom into a calming space filled with harmony and joy. Diversity of fonts, materials, colors, sizes and phrases will amaze you.

Letters will give an interesting touch to your space, especially if they reflect the style of the whole house.

Place Minimalist Letters

Make a Display of Wooden Art

Ideal match to a rustic, retro, vintage, traditional or even modern house, wooden art is also represented in a variety of themes and forms. With the help of such pieces you can create a seaside vibe, make the room look larger and give a focus to some elements.

There is an abundance of wooden signs, planks with calligraphic phrases, frames and marine or tropical depictions on wood. They give a possibility to feel the sea breeze and find joy in everyday things.

We hope these tips will help you to improve the interior of your bathroom. You can create some of them by your own or buy a ready-to-hang one. Let every room of your house reflect your inner soul, tastes and ideas!

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