5 Most Iconic Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

5 Most Iconic Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

Every art and certain movement have its stars, famous figures who started something completely new. When it comes to the post-impressionist, we all recall Vincent Van Gogh. His influence on the following generations is undeniable. His creative works have become classic and people from all over the world enjoy the beauty of the brushstrokes and the uniqueness of expression. Artworks of the talented master could be seen in different spheres and different objects.

Throughout his life, the Dutch artist created a fantastic number of paintings - 2100 artworks, 860 of which are oil paintings were created during the last two years of his life. Masterpieces show the majesty of landscapes with the flowers, trees, vast fields and meadows, still lifes and vases, portraits, and his own self-portraits during different periods of life, and are characterized by the bold usage of color combinations.

Sadly, the wonderful creations of Van Gogh become popular only after his death. But one thing remains a fact - his legacy is immortal and had a great impact on both fresh painting and the modern era.

We are going to cover Van Gogh's most famous paintings telling the meaning, details, and stories hiding by the images. Read this article and you get to know more of the astonishing masterpieces known by both adults and children.

Starry Night

When you think of Van Gogh, the first image that appears in your mind is the picture of Starry Night. It is a fantastic creation that is limitless, universal, timeless, too.

It was painted while the artist was staying at the asylum. Some believe that the scene came from the artist’s fantasy, that the view from his window was not corresponding to the picture.

Notice the details: Village is represented with calm dark hues. The cypress reminding the form of flame, may symbolize the connection between the sky and earth. The tree itself is usually associated with mourning and graveyards. The big and bright star drawn on the left-center of the Starry Night might be Venus or a morning star. Van Gogh once wrote to his brother about his experience of seeing the village before the sunrise with the only bright dot in the sky - a morning star.

Needless to say, it is now a symbolic painting that has stolen so many hearts of art lovers and people who love beauty and harmony. Rich in colors, it looks awesome as a canvas that may be hung at home. Van Gogh canvas wall arts could change your whole interior adding some bright accents and creating a cozy vibe.

Starry Night Van Gogh
Starry Night Van Gogh
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Most of the paintings are connected to the place the artist was staying and spending his time - the mental institution at Saint-Remy. Although, this is the very first artwork that he painted once arrived. Irises were growing in a small outdoor area, where the artist was allowed to have walks and strolls. The depiction of the flora is so vivid, it is painted with joy and admiration.

It is also interesting to notice that all the florets are of the same color, while one of them is painted in a different one - white. The perfect combination of blue, green and brown creates a calming effect on the viewer.

Irises by Van Gogh
Irises by Van Gogh
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Almond Blossom

Among the most popular paintings works, this one has a special place. This beautiful painting was inspired by an important event in his brother’s life. Van Gogh just heard the news of a son born to a family of Theo. He was so inspired that he started to think about the painting for it to be hung above the baby's bassinet.

Vincent depicted almond before, although the branches were in a vase. This time it seems to be the whole tree, just the twigs and small flowers against the blue sky. The painting was influenced by the Japanese style and artists. The masterpiece has also a symbolic meaning - life, revival, and youth.

Van Gogh Almond Blossom
Van Gogh Almond Blossom
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Starry Night Over the Rhone

Stars seem to be a part of Van Gogh’s paintings. It makes his art recognizable and even more astonishing. This masterpiece depicts Arles at night. He painted standing on the bank of the Rhone. The color palette is so natural and it looks serene. Bright stars reflecting on the water surface create a realistic effect. The traditional brushstroke technique makes the picture even more effective.

An interesting fact: The painting also shows the quay lit with gas lights, although it was not such a common thing there. And once again - blue only intensifies yellow stars.

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Cafe Terrace at Night

Van Gogh wanted to create a painting that would show a scene at night. But usually, such drawings are created in a black and grey palette, while the artist wanted to make it unique - bright and vivid. The result of his artistic work is the famous Cafe Terrace at Night. When you look at the painting, you can’t help but notice the contrast between yellow and blue. Artist perfectly drew the street lit with gas-light and the deep blue sky with stars. The combination of the opposite hues and tones added depth to the picture.

An interesting fact: the iconic representation of stars that might be seen in a number of Van Gogh’s paintings, was first depicted on this very picture.

These were only several of the wide range of Van Gogh’s masterpieces. If you want to check out some other works, you could visit our collection of prints that show the richness of color and the immense talent of the Dutch painter.

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