5 Most Famous Paintings of All Times

5 Most Famous Paintings of All Times

Museums are full of different paintings, but not every artwork is recognized by people of any age, any nation, and any culture. Art is powerful and almighty! It speaks a universal language, it appeals to the emotions and feelings of the viewer. Artworks changing the whole concept of art were bold, they captured the beauty and made us notice some ordinary things in an extraordinary way. These paintings succeed in the conversation between a painter and viewer, epoch and canons. Here’s the list of the most famous paintings of all times!

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda is an acknowledged masterpiece. This is the most viewed painting in Louvre and one of the most famous artworks of Leonardo da Vinci. Unlike so many masterpieces, this one was painted on wood, not on canvas. Viewers are mesmerized by this artwork: face expression, mysterious smile and glance, detailed image and the atmosphere of the epoch. What else makes this piece of art so enchanting?

Mona Lisa Wall Art

The Starry Night

Anyone, looking at this painting, can tell it’s the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Amazing painting technique, such a wonderful combination of colors! It is loved by so many people all over the world and it may be seen on every corner: phone cases, t-shirts, mugs, bags and many more. Interesting, that Van Gogh himself thought this painting was a total failure. But not everyone knows that the Saint-Rémy-de-Provence was depicted on artwork. It was the view from the mental asylum room, where he was recovering after cutting his ear.

The Starry Night Wall Art

The Scream

Edward Munch was best in expressing the emotions and feelings of the 19th century: uncertainty, worries, and anxiety. The Scream brought Edward Munch a worldwide recognition, but not who can name at least two or three of his other artworks? He had hundreds of them! Anyways, who else had such an impact on art and modern culture like The Scream by Munch? It became an inspiration for many people. Did you know that the emoji.

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