5 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art and Ways to Display Wall Decor

5 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art and Ways to Display Wall Decor

Let’s face it. It is difficult to find the right wall art. But it is even more difficult to hang it somewhere. You want your room to be perfect, right? That’s why, before getting any wall art, you should know the basic rules on where and how to hang wall decoration. Have you already bought one? No worries. We’ll give you some creative ideas: our 5 tips on how to hang wall art will help you to make a styling process quicker and easier!

1. Follow your heart

This is the most important rule. You home interior influences your mood and even life, so you should surround yourself with the things that make you feel happy. Is it a family photos collage, that you want to display? Or maybe it is an abstract artwork that your guests think to be weird? No matter what, just follow your heart! Eventually, you are the one who lives in your place!

2. Choose an appropriate size

People tend to buy small wall art for a small room and big wall décor for a big place. Sometimes a small room may be transformed with the help of oversized wall art or become dull and ordinary with a small-sized artwork placed in the centerpiece. It all depends on the whole look of your place. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Choose an appropriate size

Tip: Start hanging the largest wall art first!

Horizontal and vertical arrangements

If you display wall art horizontally, it makes the room wider. The perfect choice for a horizontal placement is multi-panel wall art. Landscapes or cityscapes split into several canvases are always the best option.

Horizontal and vertical arrangements

If you want to create an illusion of height, you should hang wall art vertically. As easy as that!

5 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art and Ways to Display Wall Decor by TexelPrintArt

Diagonal Arrangement

This type of arrangement is the best to use beside a staircase. But it may be also applied anywhere.


Place your artwork on a shelf if you feel like changing your surroundings when your mood changes! This idea is great for both small wall art, and medium-sized wall décor, perfect for any room. You can also display some figures or plants to enliven your space, even workplace!


4. Use some gallery wall schemes that work perfectly!

Sometimes it is easier to use tips and follow the pieces of advice of experienced designers.

5. Break the rules

There are so many rules and schemes! Almost every year the trends change and so changes the interior. If you’re one of those who don’t follow trends or just want your place to stand out among many other you can follow your own way. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! We’re here to inspire and help you, not dictate the ‘ultimate truth’. Enjoy decorating your home with TexelPrintArt!

If you want to get more ideas on how to choose wall art, read our How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!

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