How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!

How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!

Decorating home is fun! You imagine the room of your dream and how it will be transformed with the help of appropriate wall art. Then you grab the laptop or phone in excitement and search for ‘the right’ artwork. But then... hours and hours of constant search, dozens of stores and thousands of wall decor. Lots of ideas and confusion in your mind. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry. We’ll help you to avoid this. Follow our tips on how to choose wall art to get your interior transformed: easily and effortlessly!

Living room

Styling a living room might be tough: this is the most visited room in your house. In most cases, an artwork hanging on a wall may be a conversation-starter and ice-breaker. The best solution for a living room is multi-panel wall art or huge canvases designed in different styles. Hang a large abstract artwork, a contemporary piece of art or a stunning landscape to create a WOW-effect. Do you have a small room and you think that a huge canvas would look weird? Make a collage of the artworks designed in one style or color palette. Framed wall decor will add an elegant look to any living room.

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How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!


A bedroom is a place where you relax and get some energy for the next day. This is your private room and you want it to be personal. The best match for a bedroom is wall art with calming colors: green, pink, yellow, classy black and white shades are also fine. As for the styles, you can choose abstract wall art, romantic paintings, landscapes, and impressive cityscapes.How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!

Kitchen & Dining room

Why does everybody forget about the kitchen and dining room? These are the rooms where we spend quite a lot of time and it’s better to decorate those empty walls! For the kitchen, choose small wall art not to overwhelm the place. You can hang artwork above cabinets or elsewhere – the effect will be still impressive. Choose minimalistic prints and funny sayings to keep the mood on the level. For the dining room, a place where your family gathers together, choose wall art that matters: hang a photo-collage, family sayings or quotations to make the evenings filled with fun stories and precious memories. You can also decorate that wall with energizing canvas like this one!How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!


Do you have your own office at home or at work? Anyways, you should think of getting some wall decoration for it to make your working day successful and positive. Choosing wall art for an office is not an easy task. You have to look for the artworks that not distract you from work but at the same time charge, making you more productive. Inspirational sayings are the best option, but there are some other as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style! Pick a huge world map, painting, or something that motivates you and enjoy your working process.

How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!


‘Why decorate the bathroom?’ – you ask. ‘For it to please your eye every time you are there’ – we answer. Bathrooms are often NOT decorated with some artworks and that a bad thing, since you miss so many options for the improvement of your home interior and the overall look. Obviously, some small pieces of art will look perfect. You can pick one artwork and place it over the bathtub, but you can also choose multi-panel wall art or make your own collage. Beach, coasts, sunsets, minimalistic prints and funny sayings or sketches are the ideal subjects! Are you lucky enough to own a big spacious bathroom? Huge abstract wall art may come in handy. Imagine, how cool it would be?

How to Choose Wall Art? Style Your Home Like a Pro!

Now you see, that decorating your home is important and it’s not difficult to pick a right wall art. You should always remember, there’s no list of rules of how you should style your home and what things to choose. The ultimate goal of home decorating is making a place comfortable, cozy and relaxing.

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