12 Best Large Wall Art Ideas

12 Best Large Wall Art Ideas

How can you show the real atmosphere of wall art? Hanging oversized wall art! Big canvases and prints have their advantages. They allow you to notice every detail on artwork and enjoy the large its scale. But sometimes, you simply don’t know where to hang such a big piece of artwork. Which room in your house will be the best place to hang an oversized wall art? In this article, you will get to know the details!


Hallway is usually thought of as a place that doesn’t need much décor. People used to keep it simple and… empty. Anyways, hallway is as important as any other room in your house and you better take care of it! The best choice is to hang something you like: you don’t need to choose a decoration to match the style of the main rooms. Just hang what matters to you. This can be a famous painting or your photos, floral wall art or a contemporary piece of art.

Large Wall Art Ideas

Living room

Living room is the main place to hang large-sized wall art. Especially, if you have a blank wall behind your sofa. This is the best way to refresh your place by not overwhelming it. Choose something to match the style or colors of your interior.

Large Wall Art Ideas

Also, if you like the fine arts you can hang an art piece! Choose a large size to make it the main decoration in your living room. Choosing it, you make it simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Large Wall Art Ideas

Read our 10 Tips How to Decorate Your Living Room to better living room style!


Creating a unique interior in your bedroom is easy when you do it with Texel Print Art. Choosing a big canvas and hanging it above your bed, you’re making the room look finished and modern.

Large Wall Art Ideas

If you like the functional art pieces, you can check our world maps with push pins – travel and mark the visited places.

Large Wall Art Ideas

Dining Room

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your dining room interior. Wall arts are also great to place in a dining room. Hang a large scale wall decoration right by the table and chairs.

Large Wall Art Ideas

What to hang? Get a décor with bold colors or choose a simple minimalistic style to get the perfect complementation.

Large Wall Art Ideas


Nowadays there is a tendency to decorate bathrooms with inspirational wall art as they energize you every morning and give you a piece of motivation and confidence. The large black and white wall art will suit any style and do this function. In case you just have a narrow space to hang the art in your bathroom, TexelPrintArt can recommend vertical large arts - beautiful and fashionable decor items that will amaze you every day.

You could also pick some vivid abstract pieces that would catch the attention of guests.


The kitchen is the place which you visit at least 2-3 times a day so it should have a stylish design. For this purpose, the large wall art decorated in minimalist style, prints depicting aromatic coffee or landscape themes will definitely be suitable. TexelPrintArt has various colourful prints in the collection for you to choose the best for your kitchen.

Kids room

The room for your children will be wonderful and stylish if you add a colourful and bright large wall decoration. To keep the canvas safe you may choose a large framed wall art. The frame will add some fashionable notes to space and save the art integrity so it can serve for long years.


This is a special place for many people and it can’t be ignored. The large rustic wall art can make the garage so stylish and modern so you’ll enjoy spending lots of time there. For those who are keen on cars, TexelPrintArt has a huge collection of modern and vintage cars and mechanisms.


Imagine how fashionable and attractive your working place may be if you hang the magnetic large wall art there. It may be fascinating landscapes, large abstract wall arts or some vintage or retro world maps that will suit the conception of your sphere. TexelPrinArt can offer you so many options that you can’t stop choosing and hand every empty spot of your office with our piece of art.


Sport gym is a place of concentration and hard work. The best way to make your progress in sports faster - to hand a large motivational wall art from our collection. Thematic sports wall art and inspirational quotes will add confidence and concentrate you on your aim.

Game room

This zone needs to have a special atmosphere and a large wall canvas will perfectly do this function. Game wall art, colourful abstract prints, modern images and inspirational quotes in large size will be an attractive and stylish decoration for your game room.

Man Cave

The man cave is a special zone of relaxation and man freedom. The large thematic wall art should transmit the main message, highlighting the central theme of this space. In this case, TexelPrintArt can recommend you so many options: artists wall arts, cityscapes, erotic canvases, sports images, animal patterns… You’ll definitely find your special and unique large wall art there that can describe you without words.

These are only a few ideas. Experiment with the places and you’ll definitely find the best spot to hang your new artwork!

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