9 Gorgeous Grey Living Room Ideas

9 Gorgeous Grey Living Room Ideas

Grey is one of the classic colors that is used by people around the world while creating home interiors. Some people think it is boring and somehow depressing. But if you use it wisely and play with different shades, the result turns out to be awesome.

Although grey is believed to be a neutral and even unemotional color, it has a character and brings its special charm to a dwelling. This color will be a perfect base for an interior, rarely seen as an accent. It has a great abundance of tones and shades that are striking. Mixing with the blackish notes, it becomes mysterious and dramatic. The closer it gets to the whites, the livelier it becomes.

As to the effect on the human body, grey is calming and relaxing. It helps to create a quiet atmosphere at home, make a room look interesting, classic, and elegant. If combined with other colors, it makes them look even brighter.

Already want to experiment and start transforming your space with this powerful color? Check our tips and get inspired by a great number of wonderful ideas that you could be used right now!

1. Dark shades will show the way

When it comes to creating an intriguing but at the time soothing interior, grey works just perfectly. For it to be even more interesting and elegant, you can play with depth. Dark shades look awesome in living rooms, such tones as charcoal, anchor, and stone bring a character and create an unusual ambiance at once.

You could paint the whole wall with a dark color, or you could achieve the best effect even quicker. Hang a living room wall art that is available in a great variety of schemes, shapes, formats, and sizes. A perfect solution to bring a feature without spending hours redesigning the whole space.

2. Use different tones at the same time

The most elaborate work lies in the attention to detail. Creating an appealing interior is easy when you know the peculiarities of the material you work with. Color, in this situation, is your main key. Using different tones and shades of the same color, you get a neutral and elegant design.

Think of canvas art prints as a tool that helps to diversify the look. You could get an extra-large canvas and display it on a wall by a sofa, or you could mix and match small prints making a gallery wall.

3. Create a feature wall

So why it is important? Gray is reserved and calm, so to enliven the whole space you will need to create a feature wall. This may be a blank wall painted in a darker or lighter tone. If you are into decorations, you could make it a real exhibition by hanging the most striking or memorable pieces.

Grey wall arts are ready to bring the desired ambiance. The most stylish decorative solution is to think of black and white photography and artworks.

Create a feature wall

4. Grey in a contemporary home

Grey is a basic color for all minimalists and Scandi interiors. It is considered to be clean and non-distractive. An ideal choice for a living room – the best place to spend with family or friends and stay focused on the conversation.

Along with that, this color is often used for decorations. Urban living room canvas prints may be a fantastic finding for those searching for fresh inspiration!

Modern Living Room wall arts also have dozens of cool artistic works and visual pleasure. A superb starting point in decorating a cozy place to live.

Grey in a contemporary home

5. Stable and solid base

This color is often used as a basic one. It is not as stark as white. It serves as a blank canvas ready to help you implement the design ideas and forward-thinking solutions. Also, the one-tone walls and ceiling help to visually make a living room bigger and fill it with the air.

If choosing the tone for the foundation of your home, stick to light ones as they are lively and are easily combined with different shades. You could also play with the cool and warmth.

6. Sophisticated addition to a rustic style

Rustic interior style helps to transform any room into a comfortable one, filled with energy. Such spaces always charge with energy and relieve stress. Why? Due to the organic and natural elements united in one.

Grey is a superb choice while styling a rustic living room. It makes wooden and metal materials look even warmer and brighter. Besides, the color may be associated with stones, which is also a key element in such spaces.

7. Refresh interior with plants

To bring a natural vibe and create a welcoming atmosphere, you could use plants and foliage. Flowers and botany is the best way to escape the ordinary boundaries of home styling. Flora helps to refresh a living room adding an eye-catching element.

This is an ideal solution to bring tropical touch as well. Use big or small floor pots or think of hanging plants and you will get a fantastic home!

Refresh interior with plants

8. Combine color and textures

Patters and textures are designed to make homes interesting. They also express the individuality and taste of the owner. If you want to make your room welcoming, use wool blankets and fluffy rugs, natural textures of wood, stone, and straw. All the details will help you to finish the relaxing vibe.

Mid-century prints with its versatile geometric forms and patterns will make your space fabulous!

9. Make bright accents

Grey is an amazing color as it matches literally everything. The most common palette is grey + yellow, the latter gives a splash of sunshine, positivity, and brightness. In the combination with blue, it becomes even more calming. Just think of the wide range of colors you could choose as an accent – green, violet, orange, red and many more.

Choose among best living room ideas, follow the tips and you will get what you have always wanted!

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