9 Decor Tips to Zen Up Your Home

9 Decor Tips to Zen Up Your Home

With the nowadays pace of life, continuous stresses, and pressure of everyday routine, it is important to have a place where you can relax and feel secured. For most of us, such place is home. But it’s vital to make it not only look relaxing but make it a superb space to live and create.

If you do not want to overwhelm your home with different decorative elements, but still want to make it unique, try using our tips. Zen principles and aesthetics attracting more and more people. Why? Zen usually associates with harmony, simplicity and minimalism, something that helps you to understand your inner world and boosts the energy. It gives you an idea of what is essential.

Get inspired by fantastic ideas in this article and make your home a wonderful space that uplifts and makes you feel safe.

1. Natural Colors Work Great

Natural earthly colors will create a sense of serenity in no time. Light brown color of wood, shades of beige or pink, grey hues of stone, and white tones will make any room look visually more spacious. It is a perfect trick for small apartments or houses.

The top natural material, and hence the color, to use is wood. There are a lot of different artworks and cool details that will suit any space and interior style. Such decorations create a calming effect and transform a room into a cozy and welcoming space for guests.

Bedroom wall art is an impressive way to get a harmonically designed room in several minutes or so. Just make sure you’re really in love with the art.

2. Stay Calm and Neutral

While creating a Zen interior at home, it is important to pay attention to a single detail. In many cases, people are inspired to make their houses beautiful and trendy and mix different styles and moods. The key is to remain neutral: use neutral colors and decorative elements and this will lead you to a completely new level.

More is not always better. Stick to the things you love and think on the whole concept of seeking bigger in smaller.

3. Limit Decorations

The same rule here. The fewer decorations you have, the more enchanting they are. You can hang a single artwork that pulls the style together. Zen wall art is a perfect attention-catcher. Imagine a great transformation with superb blue wall art greeting your family members or guests.

If you are more into Asian statues, you could decorate your space with such kind of art. It will also give a special note to the whole place and show your hobbies and liking.

4. Pop a Plant in Every Room

Succulents will be a real savior: they refresh the place but do not require a lot of care. Decorating your home with plants will help you to feel relaxed – they give a feeling of being surrounded by natural wonders. Greenery is the best friend of human.

You could use the wide leafage of potted plants, small bonsai trees or simple local flora to create a calming atmosphere. But remember, Zen is about all natural. Try not to use artificial plastic flowers as they only collect dust.

5. Add Some Textures and Softness

These should be natural and of high-quality. Get a fluffy woolen blanket that will be your favorite thing during autumn evenings. Place a gorgeous rug by the bed that makes your mornings pleasant. Hang a tapestry, use wood or stone.

Canvases also serve as an interesting complement. For example, Zen bedroom wall art gives a pleasure of falling asleep and waking up. It will make a Zen bedroom look fantastic.

Note: Artworks should synchronize with your space. It should not be designed in vivid or too bright multicolor tones – you don’t want it to distract.

6. Keep Everything Simple

This goes to most things, even furniture. Try to purchase furniture that is simple in its design. The same if for kitchen units, tables, and chairs. Avoid complicated details, carving or ornaments.

Symmetry plays a vital role. It is often used to create a harmonious look of space.

7. Put Away Your Gadgets

This tip seems to be obvious. So many of us understand negative consequences of spending more time in the web, but everyone keeps doing that.

The problem is that we forgot how to relax. With gadgets, we bring job tasks and concerns to home.

For sure, wires and screens will not bring your space the desired calmness. It makes you think more of troubles and projects you are to finish.

Having TV set in bedroom or kitchen is not a good idea. Gadgets make it harder to fall asleep and get focused in the morning. But you already have one, make sure it is not the core of a room.

8. Use Natural Scents

Essential oils, candles or flowers will assist in creating a special vibe. Perfect way to dive into pleasant moments. People have different associations with fragrances, so you can pick the one that makes reminds you of happy moments. Let your space be filled with the scent of pine trees, wild meadows, fresh fruits, or blooming flora taking you to the world of serenity.

It is also a nice addition to meditation. Works well in changing the atmosphere at home.

9. Declutter Your Space

You may get a beautifully designed interior that brings you happiness and inspiration. But a small problem may occur with time. Personal belongings and old habits.

It is way more important to keep your space clean and decluttered, than think of the new trendy decorations you would like to complement a space with.

The art of decluttering will change your life once you tried it. It is all about choosing wisely, knowing what you like and what you want.

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